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Thursday, June 23, 2011

seliaan pertama

Semalam, pertama kali saya diselia oleh pensyarah pembimbing.. Terima kasih Dr.Syakirah. Subtopik meiosis di kelas 4Sn2.

ini, saja nak share komen dari Dr.Syakirah.


- Objective are explicit
- Content are suitable for the objectives to be achieved
- Suitable strategies planned to achieved the LOs (Learning Outcomes)
- Subtaible skills identified to be implimented
- Suitable teaching aids prepared.


- The engaging phase is suitable but give examples that is familiar to all
cikgu sungguh yakin menggandingkan diri sendiri dengan Aaron Aziz. haruslah kena booo kan. muahahaha

- Able to conduct teaching as planned, however need some 'pauses'...between on subtopic to another
- Able to create learning environment but need some improvement to control and manage the class
- May need to varies voice intonation. able to create interactions among students but need some improvement
- To give more attention on how to improve and checking the assessment planned
- Shows the understanding of the content but need techniques in explaining and answering questions
- Need to give attentions to the back, those who are sleeping and do not pay attention!


Overall, shows ability to teach, however need to improve in ;

- controlling class
- explanation + instruction
- assessment technique
- voice intonation
- keep up with interesting teaching aids and activities.

Good Luck,


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ieda said...

dapat baby mata biru yg tak tahan tu...hehehehe

Mas said...

eh, tang mane yg xfamiliarnye? aaron aziz sgt la budak kenal..haha

Hagakure Kira said...

amik la shin chan yg dh dewasa jd suami :P

a r i l said...

haha..da ada anak da!

ana said...

berangan tu x salah..hehehehe